InventHelp Participates In Local Community Outreach Projects For Upwards Of Ten Years

InventHelp, noted for "helping inventors since 1984" continues to give help to the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Komen Race for the Cure, Hurricane Katrina Relief and other charitable groups.

From Toys for Tots to hosting blood drives, InventHelp and their personnel are calling the community. Judy Kinlough, a Communications Production Advisor, places cases in the workplace to inspire other staff members to donate food items or paper products over the company's annual food drive which benefits the Salvation Army. A spokesperson for the charity, lauded her for being "one of those exceptional folks who cares a whole lot for others." Kinlough has also been recognized as being a former "Woman of the Year with Business" by Womansplace, a non-profit organization that battles home abuse, regarding her "exceptional work and determination to both their careers as well as their communities".

This past year, Toys for Kids, a charitable organisation which InventHelp has supported for longer than a decade, received in excess of a hundred twenty five games for youngsters inside the Pittsburgh region from their workforce. When it comes to giving blood, InventHelp is reaching new records because twenty percent of the company's one hundred fifty workforce decided to play a part.

Cancer of the breast hasn't been conquered, that's the reason why The Komen Race for the Remedy is a vital event to boost consciousness and money to handle this fatal sickness. "It was very rewarding to take part in a conference where lots of people were being united with a popular cause," said InventHelp employee Liv Dobo, who completed the 5K run with a personal ideal time. "Joining together searching for a cure is actually our means of expressing aid for those who have already been troubled by cancer of the breast, and the Race is an excellent possibility to train folks concerning the illness."

Despite the fact that InventHelp is located in Pittsburgh, the firm cares for "our southern neighbors" within Louisiana and other regions that have been plagued by Hurricane Katrina recently. That's the reason why $10,680 was raised and divided equally between the American Red Cross and also the Salvation Army. In a subsequent plan, the organization offered to give $25 per new customer over the month of September, that raised an added $20,475 "to help our fellow Americans" based on the

While most young people are occupied with Grand Theft Auto, Broderick Alexander, a 16-year-old aspiring designer that is prone to sickle cell anemia, had a wish. When the Little Rock chapter from the Make-A-Wish Foundation® contacted InventHelp, Broderick along with his mother were flown to Pittsburgh with regard to a four-day visit, where they received an all-access pass to INPEX-The Invention Show. Conference Manager Nicole Lininger presented Broderick with a "Future Inventor" honor, as well as a distinctive present from IMET Corporation - an operating prototype of one of the young inventor's concepts! IMET co-founder and CTO Thomas Krol was good enough to have his folks make the actual model absolutely free, along with Lininger arranged to have an all-expenses paid holiday - together with an exhibit unit - for Broderick to show off his invention at a upcoming INPEX show!

Furthermore, InventHelp referred Broderick to an third party patent attorney at law to aid put together and also file a U.S. patent request regarding the invention, and the attorney graciously volunteered to renounce his standard rates.

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